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Lok-an Taiwanese Grants for Vietnamese Students





















The grant was established in 2002 by Taiwan’s Lok-an Hospital and the Association of Taiwanese Romanization. The purpose of the grant is to promote the comparative studies of Vietnam and Taiwan and thus further enhance the cultural and academic exchange between the two countries.

The grant founders will accomplish the purpose in the way assisting Vietnamese students to complete their theses (BA or MA) or dissertations (Ph.D) on Taiwan-Vietnam related issues. The grants provided for school year 2002 for Vietnamese students are as follows:

    Four undergraduate students: 2,500,000VND /grantee
    Two master students: 5,000,000VND /grantee
    Two Ph.D students: 10,000,000VND /grantee



All applicants to the Lok-an Taiwanese Grants must meet the following requirements:

1)      Applicant’s proposal of thesis/dissertation must be related to Taiwan studies or comparative studies of Taiwan and Vietnam in any areas, such as language, literature, history, culture, society and economics.

2)      All applicants must have citizenship of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and currently are enrolled in Vietnam’s university.

3)      Applicants’ proposal of thesis/dissertation must have been officially approved by their committee or department. (PS. Applicants may submit their application before their thesis/dissertation is approved; however, applicants with approved proposal will be given greater consideration. Once accepted, the grantee has to supply the proof of approval in one year in order to receive the grant. The grant will be heold until s/he provides the proof.)

4)      All grantees are required to submit to the Lok-an Hospital, at the end of the period covered by the grant, a copy of their theses or dissertations, which must acknowledge support by the Lok-an Taiwanese Grants.

5)      Once application is accepted without any conditions, the grantee will be immediately granted 50% of the grant. The remaining amount will be held until the grantee’s thesis/dissertation is completed and approved by his/her committee.



Applications to the Lok-an grants will be accepted only once per year, starting on October 1 and closing on December 1. Please submit your applications only during the indicated dates, otherwise your application will not be considered. The final results will be announced by the end of February of the following year. All applicants are required to submit the following documents to the review committee in two formats, i.e. a printed hard copy and electronic files (in DOC or PDF formats; items 5 and 6 do not need electronic files). Electronic files may be submitted by email to or by post. All documents must include two language versions, one in Vietnamese, and the other in Taiwanese, English, or Chinese.

1)      Application form.

2)      Curriculum vitae or resume (including publications or papers presented, if applicable).

3)      Detailed proposal of thesis or dissertation to be undertaken (maximum 10 pages).

4)      Statement of plans in the near future after graduation.

5)      Two letters of recommendations from professors.

6)      Proof of approval of your thesis/dissertation proposal.



For more information, please contact grant coordinator Wi-vun T. Chiung at or Please send your application package to the following address:

Review Committee, Lok-an Taiwanese Grants, Lok-an Hospital,

300 Tongshiao Rd., Kangshan, Kaohsiung 820, Taiwan.

樂安醫院 台灣研究獎助金 審查委員會收



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